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ATTENTION: Toinitiate a return, you must contact rantagle to request areturn authorization before sending back any products. 

All of our products come standard with a 30daywarranty period upon delivery. Merchandise can be returned within thisperiod oftime as long as the conditions below are met.

Prior to any assembly procedures, we stronglyadvise to test any models that are received to ensure they are ready to bebuilt.


Howdo I return a product?

A return merchandise authorization(RMA) number is required toreturn any product. We are always more than happy towork with you in resolvingwarranty claims in a quick and fair manner. This mayvary from replacementparts or returns to resolve an issue. Certain issuesand/or exceptions are notalways expected, but we are willing to work with youto resolve the problem. Aproduct may be returned for several reasons dependingon the situation such asa damaged or defective item or simply from a change ofmind. Being honest aboutthe reason will help us process your exchange,replacement, or refund in aquick and fair way.

You will receive the RMA number,instructions for sending yourproduct back, and an address for the return viae-mail for your own records. Forsuspicions of possible product issues, we stronglyadvise to consult our technical supportteam for additional support.

Whatare the exceptions to rantagle's return policy?

Products that cannot be returnedfor a refund, exchange orreplacement are listed below:

  • Merchandise with signs/indications of being previously assembled and disassembled.
  • Merchandise with signs/indications of being previously flown or heavily used.
  • Merchandise with signs/indications of being previously crashed or mistreated.
  • Merchandise with signs/indications of being previously altered or modified.

rantagle reserves the right to return merchandise back to the customer or apply restockingfees if any claims or issues are found not to be true on returned products dueto the exceptions listed above and/or if they show signs of damage by dust, dirt,water, sand, and/or other contaminants. We also reserve the right to refuse anybox that is delivered to us that does not have a valid rantagle issued RMAnumber written clearly on the outside shipping box. 

Whopays original and return shipping?

If a return is required as a resultfrom our mistake such as awrong item, we will pay the shipping charges -- bothto have the item sent backto us, and to send out the replacement. 

If a return is required, not because of aresulting mistake from rantagle(i.e., crash damages or defects resultingfrom user error), the customer is responsible for the shipping costto send themerchandise back. If the item is under warranty and the issue was not caused bythe customer, rantagle will pay thereplacement/exchange shipping.

In the case of an outright returnfor refund due to a changemind, we will refund the full purchase price of theproduct but won?t beresponsible for the shipping charges to send back themerchandise. The originalcost of shipping when the order was placed will alsonot be refunded.

Dowe charge restocking fees?

Hardly ever. We can only acceptmerchandise that is returnedwithout signs of use as listed above and with allof the original contents andpackaging. Returnswith any damage that was not presentwhen you received your merchandise ?assembly damage, scratches, dents, etc.,that was not described prior to thereturn will be subject to a restocking fee. Merchandise missing any of theoriginal items,parts or accessories will also be subject to a restocking fee.

Items returned not in thecondition that wasdescribed may be subject to a minimum restocking fee of 15%of the purchaseprice or refusal of the return. These conditions apply to allreturns regardlessof the reason for the return. A restocking fee will becharged for any defectiveitem that is returned in damaged condition.

Pleasenotethat all items being returned may be subjected to a 15% restocking fee ifanythe following applies:

  • Merchandise returned due to achange of mind.
  • Merchandise returned due topackaging not intact/not in original packaging.
  • Merchandise returned not asdescribed but unused.
  • Refused package returned to rantagle because the order was not cancelled before it shipped.

Please note that all items being returned maybesubjected to a 25% restocking fee if any the following applies:

  • Merchandise returned not asdescribed but used.
  • Merchandise returned withsigns/indications of it being assembled and dissembled.
  • Merchandise returned back to usdamaged due to improper packaging.
  • Merchandise returned usingmanufacturer?s box as a shipping container.
  • Merchandise returned due touser error/negligence/lack of knowledge.

Howlong does it take to receive a refund?

Once we receive the return, it willbe processed within 10business days. Afterwards a refund is applied andtypically processed within 3-5business days (Monday through Friday). Processingtime may vary depending ondaily volume. When your return has been processed, wewill send a confirmationto the email address on file with your original orderor contact you via phone.