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Model WA2P-10
Position On-Off
Rated Voltage 16A 125V, 8A 250V
Working voltage 250 (V)
Operating current 16 (A)
Contact resistance 5 (mΩ)
Insulation resistance 5000 (MΩ)
Electrical life 10,000 (times)
Product Certification ROHS
3C rated voltage range 440V or more
Color Red
Overall Size 39 x 29 x 4.5 mm(approx)

WA2P-10 waterproof ship type switch, the product has excellent waterproof, anti-oil, dustproof performance; dry appearance clean and clean, plastic parts without water, lack of material and other undesirable phenomena, feel good, beautiful atmosphere, long life, easy installation. Can do red & green with light, black & red & green without light.

Applications / Applications:
Mainly used in the work environment requirements of the higher equipment above. For example: oil pump, water pump, stove equipment (ignition switch, fan switch), West kitchen power switch, cleaning equipment, decoration equipment and so on.

Package Included:
1 x Rocker Switch

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