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? High precision mechanism design offers perfect operation and long service life.
? Package includes 10 values tact push button switch, total 180PCS.
? 10 values: 6*6*4.3,6*6*5,6*6*6,6*6*7,6*6*8,6*6*9.5,6*6*11,6*6*12,6*6*13,6*6*14mm.
? Ideal tool for television, audio equipment ,computer, interphone, remote control and other many filed

Package included:
20PCS 6*6*4.3mm
20PCS 6*6*5mm
20PCS 6*6*6mm
20PCS 6*6*7mm
20PCS 6*6*8mm
20PCS 6*6*9.5mm
20PCS 6*6*11mm
15PCS 6*6*12mm
15PCS 6*6*13mm
10PCS 6*6*14mm

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