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-Product Name : Waterproof Aviation Connector
-Model: SD20
-Rated current :25 (A)
-Rated voltage :250 (V)
-Material of conductive body: copper
-Rated power :250
-Rated voltage range :50V-440V
-Relative humidity: 90%-95%
-Insert mode: thread connection
-Connection mode: welding
-Welding method: soldering iron welding
-Contact material: copper (gold-plated)
-Shell material: thermoplastic PA66, PA6
-Working temperature: -25℃ -+85℃
-Salt mist: 5%NAC1 mist 48H
-Contact diameter:φ2.8×2
-Widely used on different machineries, equipments, communications, lighting, trains, marines, etc.
-Ip68 waterproof, dustproof, anti-oil
-Suitable for 8-12mm cable
-Resistance to plug
-Resistance to high pressure
-The insulator adopts thermoplastic PPS material and is resistant to high temperature
Package Included:
-1 Pair Waterproof Aviation Connector
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