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Name: PVC electronic wire
Model: 1007
​Length: 10 meters  ±20cm
Color: Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Red 
Specifications: 20AWG
OD: 1.8mm ( +/-0.1 )
Insulation material: PVC 
Conductor material: pure copper oxygen-free copper
Voltage: 300 / 300V
Temperature range: -30 degrees -80 degrees
Certification: through the European standard American standard certification ROHS2.0 environmental certification
- Using 99.9% high precision oxygen-free copper high purity and high conductivity resistance low resistance to aging
- The use of environmentally friendly rubber, flame retardant material, easy to fall off, high temperature and pressure resistance to corrosion
- Long life, high stability, safety is absolutely guaranteed
- Scope: for the internal wiring equipment, a variety of household appliances, lighting, electronic equipment, temperature sensors, etc. leads to the cable  
Package Inlcuded:
1x 10M Electronic Cable
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